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Program Spotlight: May the Fourth Be With You! Star Wars Day at the Library

A long time ago in a library far, far away…

Okay, it was actually a short time ago at a library in this very town (hint: it’s us) that held probably one of the greatest events in the galaxy: Star Wars Day. So many of our patrons–and all of our staff–look forward to celebrating this day. It’s just one of those timeless cinematic creations that will remain relevant to pop culture and the kind of program people keep coming back to!

Star Wars Day entails displaying our favorite books and movies from the fandom all around the library, along with screening some of the beloved films. Another popular recurring activity is making miniature lightsabers using boba straws and finger lights! They turned out to be really effective glow-in-the-dark toys, and the kiddos loved them. Lightsaber battles may or may not have ensued. Here are a couple photos of how they turned out: 

Image title

Image title

We also shot a Star Wars-themed Cookbook Corner video on our YouTube channel hosted by our Garden Programmer Erica (if you haven’t subscribed yet, you need to!). In this episode, Erica gives a step-by-step demonstration on how to make Yalbec Stingers, an appetizer fit for Admiral Snackbar and a recipe taken from the book Star Wars, The Life Day Cookbook: Official Holiday Recipes From a Galaxy Far, Far Away. A little behind-the-scenes footage: 

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Click on the link to watch the demo here:

You can also place a hold on the book here

In addition to that, we filmed two more videos on DIY Star Wars Coasters using cross-stitch patterns with our staff member Sawyer, who shows how to make the cutest little womp rat in the galaxy, Grogu, and a second choice of imperial perfection featuring Darth Vader. Patrons were able to pick up the take-and-make kit supplies at the front desk and learn from the comfort of their own homes! 

Click on this link to learn how to cross-stitch Grogu: 
Or click on this link to master a Jedi-level Darth Vader coaster: 

As always, and even when it’s not May 4th, May the Fourth Be With You! Don’t forget to keep reading books: they’re our only hope ;)