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Fall In Love With Reading Again During National Library Lovers Month

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You might not have known this, but here’s a fun fact: February is National Library Lovers Month! This month is dedicated for all the bibliophiles of the world (for our avid vocabulary learners, “bibliophile” is a fancy term for “book lover”) and the people who love and depend on local libraries for building literacy skills, accessing information, and bringing the community together. Libraries are not only a treasure trove of ideas, but a way for people to share those ideas within a safe and inclusive space. That’s just one of the many reasons why we love them so much! 

You’ll have to excuse us for the cheesy title, but since Valentine’s Day is coming up, we wanted to share some ways that you can fall in love with reading books again or transform into a first-time library lover. Not everyone is into literature, and that’s totally okay. Maybe books just aren’t your thing, or because of a busy schedule, you’ve found it difficult to fit reading into any free time you have. Maybe you’re a graduate student and now that you have a hefty required reading list, you’ve become burnt out on books–even the fun fiction ones you used to check out in bulk. 

Whatever your struggle may be, here are some effective ways to get started with or get back into the habit of reading for leisure: 

1. Start small: read graphic novels. Yes, that includes comics. These books are for all ages to enjoy. They are also a good alternative for people who may need help with constructive imaginative thinking or who experience social imagination difficulties that can come with autism. Many chapter books have graphic novel adaptations nowadays too, so you can read familiar favorites in a quicker format when you’re under time constraints! And, of course, don’t sleep on audiobooks!!

2. Try books that reflect your life and daily experiences: being able to make connections to topics that mirror who you are (or who you want to be) when you read is a great way to stay engaged. If you love regular visits to the coffee shop or art museum, look for a book with those things in the plot. If there’s a passion project you’ve been wanting to do, see what books are available on the subject–they often come with tips on how to stay motivated in the midst of a hectic lifestyle! A book we highly recommend to reclaim your creativity is Find Your Unicorn Space by Eve Rodsky. 

On the contrary, we often read to escape reality. If that’s the case for you, ask your librarians for fantasy recommendations! Another great source is, where you can search for books by genre, popularity, and other categories.

3. Change your setting: just like it can be hard to finish a school or work assignment in a place with many distractions, it can also be hard to get into the reading zone when there’s other things commanding your attention. Try switching to somewhere quiet with minimal disruptions, like a study room at the library or a spacious park; you’d be surprised how much this can make a difference in your level of concentration!

4. Get to know your own reading style: aside from selecting books that cater to your interests, it’s good to know what your reading preferences and limits are. Do you like a lot of detail and description? Go for an author like J.R.R. Tolkien. Are you wanting a fast-paced comfort read that isn’t 400 pages long? Try someone like Emily Henry or Sally Rooney. As action-packed as the movies you watch? Clive Cussler could be the one. If you want contemporary English with relatable, modern subject matter, maybe not Shakespeare, but instead a significantly younger writer like Rainbow Rowell. 

5. Develop a routine: we know, that’s easier said than done. But if you can dedicate even 10 minutes to reading per day, whether in the morning before work or at night when the kids are asleep, it still counts! Just getting a few pages in daily can help you build up regular reading skills over time. Setting a notification on your phone or jotting it down on your calendar can be a good reminder! Set a timer while you’re reading. After that, you’ll become a more efficient reader. 

We hope these suggestions work well for you! If you’ve settled on a book you think you might like, don’t forget to check our catalog at and place a hold on it so a copy can get to you more efficiently too!