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Library Card Eligibility Policy

Library Cards

All applications for library cards must be presented in person, and must be accompanied by a photo ID (driver license, state I.D., employment I.D., passport, consular card, foreign I.D., etc.) and proof of current residence.  Application forms must be completed in full.  Accounts will be updated annually by presenting current I.D. to verify continued residence.

If the photo ID does not include current address, one of the following may be used (together with photo ID) to verify residency: recent utility bill (electric, gas, water, cable TV etc.), lease, mortgage document, other recent cancelled mail, etc.

Lost or stolen cards may be replaced twice for free.  Third and subsequent replacements will require a fee of $1 each.

Adult/Teen Individual Accounts:
Residents of Faulkner or Van Buren County aged 13 or over may apply for an individual library card.

Students or Faculty/Staff of educational institutions within Faulkner or Van Buren County may be issued a library card upon presentation of a student or faculty/staff I.D. and verification of current enrollment or employment (current class schedule, recent letter from the institution, etc.)  Cards may be renewed annually with verification of continued enrollment or employment.
Children's Accounts:
Children under the age of 13 are eligible for library cards with their parent or guardian's permission.
1.  If applying in person, both parent and child must be present.  If parent does not already have an active library card, he/she will need to provide identification and proof of residence needed to apply for a card, whether or not he or she chooses to get an adult library card.
2. Children applying for cards with schools or other child-care organizations must provide a completed application signed by a parent or guardian, together with the school's verification of residence.

Temporary Resident Accounts
Individuals living temporarily in Faulkner or Van Buren county (such as for medical treatments, temporary employment, etc.) may be issued cards on presentation of a photo ID and verification of their temporary residency status.  Employment contracts, doctor’s statements, etc., may serve as verification of status.  Temporary cards will be active for three months from the date of issue, and may be renewed for an additional three months with verification of continuing temporary residence status.

Business/Organization Accounts:
Businesses or established organizations based in Faulkner or Van Buren counties are eligible for library cards.  The business owner/CEO or designee must provide a letter on business letterhead listing individuals who are eligible to use the business cards.  This list must be updated annually.  The business or organization will be held responsible for all materials checked out on its cards and for its cardholders’ adherence to library policies.  

Gateway Program:
Faulkner/Van Buren County Library cardholders in good standing may be issued Gateway cards, which will allow them to check out physical materials from other libraries in the state which participate in the Gateway Program.  Database access is at the discretion of the vendor.

Gateway cardholders from other Arkansas counties are eligible to check out library materials from Faulkner and Van Buren County Libraries.

Non-Resident Use of Collections:
Individuals from other states or countries, or from Arkansas counties that do not participate in the Gateway Program, are welcome to use library materials, public computers, and other services on site in all regional library facilities.   Those who wish to check out materials from Faulkner/Van Buren County libraries may purchase a Non-Resident  Card for a fee of $25 annually.  This card entitles users to the same checkout privileges as resident cardholders.