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Book Donations

About Book Donations
Physical donations are sorted and then used in the Friends of the Library book sale. Donations are accepted year-round except during the duration of the Friends of the Library book sale. If donations need to be temporarily paused for any extranneous reason, there will be public notification via social media.
Donations Guidelines
Physical donations are accepted at the side doors next to the outside book drop on the east side of the building. Donations must be brought during the library's open hours. Please call the library front desk to inform staff that physical donations are being brought, and a staff member will meet you to bring in the donations and provide a tax deduction form if requested.

Physical donations are only accepted if the items are in good condition. Good condition, in this case, is defined as gently used items with no visible damage besides normal wear-and-tear. Any items deemed not in good condition will be donated elsewhere or recycled. Physical donations include books, magazines, DVDs, and CDs.

We do not accept cassette tapes, VHS tapes, microfilm, or textbooks as donations. We also do not accept physical donations that are heavily damaged (i.e. water damage, mold, missing pages, etc.).