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Van Buren County Library Board

The Van Buren County Library Board

The Van Buren County Library board is established by the Quorum Court to conduct the affairs of the county public library or its library services or system in accordance with the law for establishing other county advisory or administrative boards at § 14-14-705. The County Judge appoints the Van Buren County Library Board Members with the approval of the Quorum Court for a term of 5 consecutive years and not more than 10 consecutive years. The board has the power to make the necessary policies and regulations for administrating the library and shall make provisions for representation of the library.

Current Library Board Members:

Stephanie Treece
Term expired December 31st 2020. She has served since January 1st 2016.
1378 Banner Mountain Rd.
Shirley, AR. 72153

Kristy Eastridge
Term expires December 31st 2021. She has served since January 1st 2017.
519 Fraser St.
Clinton, AR. 72031

Kelly Tester
Term expires December 31st 2023
PO Box 1066
Clinton, AR. 72031

David Emmerling - Chairman
Term expires February 28th 2025. He has served since March 1st 2020.
194 Golden Lane
Clinton, AR

Vicki Carver
Term expires August 31st 2026. She has served since September 1st 2020.
1052 Elba Road
Clinton, AR 72031