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Faulkner County Library Board Minutes

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Minutes for January 24, 2018

Jeff Moncrease called the monthly meeting of the Faulkner County Library board to order on January 24, 2018, at 5:30PM. Board members Stephanie Vanderslice, Jeff Moncrease, Ben Thompson, and Jeff Whittingham were present, as were Suzanne Waggoner, Kara Dyer, and Director John McGraw.
Jeff nominated Ben Thompson to chair the board for another year, and nominated Stephanie and himself to continue serving on the Regional board for another year. Jeff Whittingham seconded the motion, which was approved.
Kara gave a presentation on an advertising grant ComiConway had received and her plans for it, which includes amending the budget. Jeff Moncrease moved to add $3,500 to the advertising budget and total projected expenses. Jeff Whittingham seconded the motion, which was approved.
Minutes of the December 21 meeting were reviewed. Stephanie moved to approve the minutes. Jeff Whittingham seconded the motion, which passed.
Summary statements of operation were reviewed. There was a call for comments. John noted that the millage had collected 107% of its projected revenue for 2017.
Statistics and Programming reports were reviewed. 
The bookkeeper's reports were reviewed. John reported that Hoopla had grown beyond what would equitably be spent per month at the current funding levels. Patrons were beginning to encounter notifications that our spending cap for the day had been reached. Jeff Moncrease observed that an increase in Hoopla funding by the Regional board may well translate into a decrease in funding for Summer Reading Club.
Additionally, on the subject of lending changes, John reported that a few high-demand titles would be designated Lucky Picks. These could not be placed on hold, only check out for one week, and cannot be renewed. There would be no grace period for fines. John hopes it will encourage people who only place holds and collect them to explore the collection more in hopes of finding a title they are waiting for (and more).
Purchase Orders for October were reviewed. Fines and Donations expenditures were reviewed. Jeff Whittingham moved to approve the all the expenditures. Stephanie seconded the motion, which passed.
Old Business:
John reported that four applicants had been submitted for the vacant board position. He had spoken with Judge Baker about them, but when he contacted the office to confirm he would be giving his annual report to the quorum court and seeing a board appointment in January, both items had been forgotten. 
John reported that the chiller had been installed. Some adjustments remain, as the building is still getting rather warm at times.
John reported that Twin Groves held a townhall meeting on January 9th attended by Jeff Moncrease and himself. Jeff explained his proposal, which is to pay a nominal fee for the building in order to insure that repairs are timely and thorough. The purchase contract would include a clause saying that should we cease to operate a library from the property, the city would have the first opportunity to purchase the property and at the original sale price. There was considerable desire for another townhall, as attendees felt many stakeholders had not learned of it. A second townhall January 23rd attended by Judy Lovell and himself had fewer attendants. Money was collected to repair the floor, and $500 was raised. Residents seemed mostly concerned about when this offer would expire, and John affirmed that it had no expiration date. John promised to present the Friends of the Library with the request to pay for the replacement heat pump at their February meeting.

New Business:
HVAC contracts were considered. Four bids had been received. Jeff Moncrease moved to accept Harrison's bid. Jeff Whittingham seconded the motion, which passed. The board requested a representative from Harrison attend the February meeting. John said he would make those arrangements.
John circulated February program calendars, patron surveys, and the Quorum Court's annual report. Jeff Moncrease suggested that the board review the document and send John notes as needed.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:02 PM