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Meeting Room Policy

Policies for Public Use

It is the philosophy of the Faulkner County Library Board of Directors to make the meeting spaces at the Faulkner County Library as widely available as possible as a public service to our community. The library does not charge a fee for use of the rooms, but may charge for damage to the rooms.
Library sponsored programs and programs of the library’s affiliated organizations will be given priority in the reservation of meeting room space. Thereafter, requests are considered in the following order:

1) Agencies of Faulkner County or State of Arkansas Government
2) Community non-profit cultural or civic organizations
3) Agencies of the City of Conway
4) All other uses, including individuals or groups whose primary purposes are religious, business and for-profit entities

Approved groups may reserve the room once per month. Groups may meet more often than once a month if rooms are available. However, these will be short-term reservations and must be made no further ahead than the week of the meeting. The representative of the group that reserves a room must be 21 or older and a library cardholder.
The meeting spaces of the Faulkner County Library are available for use by individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, viewpoint, or nationality. Use of the meeting rooms must not interfere with the operation of the library. Meetings that would interfere with the work of the library because of noise or other factors will not be permitted.
Only library sponsored or co-sponsored meetings or programs may involve the sale of items, fundraising activities, or solicitation of donations. Meetings may not require an admission fee, must be open to the public, and may not be used for sale or promotion of products or services, except in conjunction with a library program. Program presenters may not use program participants’ names for later financial gain.

While the library does provide some furniture and equipment for meeting rooms, groups are responsible for both setting up and breaking down the room. This includes arranging chairs and tables, using equipment, returning items to their appropriate storage spaces, and throwing away all trash. Chairs, tables, and other equipment must not be removed from the building without prior authorization and security deposit (if applicable). The library may assess charges for any damage to the facility or equipment including theft, breakage, staining, or other damage.

Facilities will not normally be made available for purely social events. The fact that the Library Board has considered and authorized a program for presentation does not constitute endorsement by the library or its representatives.

The library reserves the right to review and accept or reject any or all applications that fail to comply with the above rules.

The library meeting room policy seeks to comply with the American Library Association’s policy on meeting rooms.

Revised May 2019