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The Faulkner -Van Buren County Libraries take pride in our services. It is our goal to offer our teen and tween patrons opportunities through literacy and education that will encourage the use of imagination, creativity and intellectual freedom.  

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Van Buren County

June & July

Faulkner County Library System Only

Summer Reading T'ween/Teens ages (8-18)
Young readers reading Juvenile or Young Adult chapter books (may include ages (5-7)
 Tween/teen registration form:

Summer sign-up for T'ween/Teens ages 5-18 years reading Juvenile or Young Adult books. 

This is a summer reading incentive program. Young Adults are encouraged to read books throughout the summer. Each chapter of the book read by participants must be written down on the reading log in order to receive a prize. Download log here or pick one up from a participating library.

Rules: Only one Large or EX Large prize per participant. If the top goal prize is obtained, participants are encouraged to continue reading. The books read must be checked out from the library. Write each book's chapter on a line of the reading log. The reading log will be marked as benchmarks are achieved. Reading logs can be turned in at any branch location; however, Large and EX Large prizes will only be available at the library of your choosing. When the benchmark on a reading log is completed please take the log to any participating branch location and have it marked to receive your ticket for prize purchase. Once the participant receives a ticket, no replacement for lost or stolen tickets will be given. Participants can wait to complete the entire log before turning it in but lost or stolen logs will not be counted. The participant will need to start all over in order to receive a prize.  

Benchmarks, Goals, and Ticketing:

· Participants will receive one credit for every Juvenile or Young Adult chapter read.

· When ten credits are reached (Benchmark) a ticket is awarded.

· A completed reading log will earn eight tickets (80 chapters read). Participants may use their tickets to get a prize or may save it for the end of summer reward. (see participating branches for their details)

· To receive a Large prize six tickets must be accumulated, in order to receive an EX-Large prize, eight tickets must be achieved (80 chapters read).

· Participants may spend tickets at any point; however, once a ticket is spent, another ticket for the achieved benchmarks will not be re-awarded.

· Participants can accumulate tickets or save their logs until goals are achieved, no lost, stolen or destroyed ticket/log will not be replaced. When reading logs are completed, they must be turned in to the library.

If you have questions or need any clarifications please ask a participating branch location for details.